Foodspotting 0.0.9

Recommendations based on food, not places


  • Food focus is great
  • Easy to use
  • Growing number of reviews


  • Locations not always accurate

Very good

Foodspotting changes the idea of rating restaurants and focuses on reviewing food.

A location-based app, Foodspotting allows users to take pictures of the food that they are eating, give a quick review, and post it to Foodspotting for others to view and comment on. Rather than comment on the restaurant itself or service, Foodspotting is focused on the food of a restaurant.

Foodspotting uses location services to pinpoint the area the user is in and load reviews of nearby food. If there is a specific type of food that users want to look up, it only takes a few seconds for Foodspotting to pull relevant reviews.

The interface is straight forward and easy to use. The separate tabs guide users to the search or latest reviews easily. The continuously growing user base will assist in adding more dishes and reviews for unknown places.

The app works well because of the location related focus. Rather than offer food that might be halfway across a city, it will post relevant reviews and show the closest places possible. Foodspotting is a great app for constant travelers who might want a particular type of food, but are not aware of what the best dish at a restaurant is.

The only issue with Foodspotting is based on the location service that the app relies on. Sometime it may not locate the exact location of the device and show review locations that are far away.

Foodspotting is great for users who want to know about the food of a restaurant.

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Foodspotting 0.0.9

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